Thursday, July 14, 2022

Simplify Gmail Safari Extension Blocked Over IAP

Michael Leggett:

Apple is telling me that I HAVE to add in-app payments to my browser extension, Simplify Gmail which currently has no in-app purchases.


My understanding of the rules was that, IF I use in-app payments, I HAVE to use Apple’s in-app payments.

AND that if I do not use their in-app payments, the app can in no way collect money or link outside the app to collect money for any reason.

The problem seems to be that he’s offering a free app for accessing a paid service. Netflix and other “reader” apps can do this, but in general it’s not allowed.

I am so close to removing Simplify from Safari.

It is by far the most difficult browser to support and not just b/c of Apple’s App Store rules.

Michael Leggett:

They also confirmed my options for further updates are to (1) remove app, (2) add IAPs, or (3) adopt a freemium model.

Michael Leggett:

The 3rd option (and the one I plan to attempt) is only available to me because Simplify modifies an email app. I think this came from the big dispute with Hey.


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