Thursday, July 14, 2022

Giving a Shit As a Service

Allen Pike:

In some ways, that’s the fundamental value proposition of a small boutique, whether it be a furniture shop or a software studio.


I used to puzzle over why potential clients who reached out to me always seemed to get more interested in hiring us if I tried to dissuade them by asking challenging questions. I think the biggest reason is that pushing back demonstrated that I care. If you email 4 software studios for a quote and 3 say “Sure, here’s a quote” but the 4th says “Hm, we certainly could build it but we can’t be sure about cost without knowing X and Y, and here are some other concerns we’d have” then the 4th is going to seem like they give a shit.

Via Nick Heer:

The most impressive trick is to pull this off at scale.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that pulled off.


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No longer the case, but for a long time, at least on the customer-facing side, Amazon seemed to pull off genuinely good customer service at scale. If I had an issue, I could chat with a live person who understood what I was talking about. Prime and fast shipping gets all the credit but I think a lot of folks got hooked on Amazon because the customer service was so good compared to other websites.

Was fun while it lasted.

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