Thursday, June 23, 2022

Finding the “To” Address in iOS Mail

Matt Birchler:

Mail helpfully shortens the “To” value to just me, which is fine, but I would expect to be able to tap on my name and see which email address this was sent to. Instead, I get this[…] It just loads my contact card with all my emails listed.

This has been bothering me for a decade, too.

I’ve gotten a few messages from people suggesting that the contact card should show the “recent” tag next to the email I’m coming from. If that’s the intended solution, I still have two questions, though. One, why is the label “recent”? Something like “this email” or anything more descriptive would be nice. And two, maybe it’s a longstanding bug, but as I mentioned above, the correct email wasn’t the one labeled “recent” in my example, so I don’t feel like this is a reliable thing to look for.

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Rob Mathers

This has been a long standing issue with determining the actual address/phone number of users in iMessage groups as well.

My workaround is as follows:
1) Tap the reply icon
2) Select "Forward"
3) The "To" address is now visible under "Begin forwarded message:"
4) Tap "Cancel"

This has driven me nuts ever since I switched from gmail to Mail for everything. It's very important info and impossible to get to (until I read Christoph's clever trick), baffling that it's not tap-to-reveal.

Yup. Very annoying.

Matt's suggestion will obviously not work where the email address is routed to you from an address that's not directly configured as an account, i.e. forwarding. It's true that the contact card often does indicate the address in use, though it's harder to find if the address is associated with the card than if it's completely foreign.

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