Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Clarus Is Back in Ventura

Shadowfacts (Hacker News):

Did you know that with macOS Ventura, Clarus the Dogcow has at long last returned home? Recently, while doing something else, I accidentally hit Cmd+Shift+P which opened the Page Setup dialog. I was greeted, surprisingly, with a new high-resolution version of the classic Clarus icon that I’d never seen before.


Using the system assetutil program, one can list all of the files in a compiled asset catalog. And sure enough, there she is[…]


Lastly, if you’re writing a Mac app and would like to hide Clarus somewhere, you can load the bundle yourself and then pull the image out like so[…]


It would be very cool to see Clarus return as an SF Symbol some day. If hundreds of icons for various Apple products can go in, so too can everyone’s favorite dogcow.

Jason Robinson:

In iOS 16, the 🐕 🐄 emoji suggestions now appear in the correct order when typing Clarus’ name.

Update (2022-06-16): Dr. Drang:

Nowadays, you can go years without using Page Setup. Many apps, including the editor I’m typing this in and the web browser behind it that has all my links open, don’t even include a Page Setup item in their File menu. As you can see, much of what it did has been rolled into Print.

And here’s the thing about Clarus and Page Setup: although Stephen’s history—and the screenshot above, which I nicked from him—puts her in the LaserWriter’s Page Setup, my memory is that she started in the ImageWriter’s Page Setup. And she did a lot more than just stand around inside a page-shaped box.

In addition to the rather dull options for portrait or landscape printing, the ImageWriter’s Page Setup gave you checkboxes for more exciting options. And Clarus would do tricks when you selected these other options.

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Finally some good news in an anotherwise dreary world. Moof!

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