Thursday, June 2, 2022

Twitter Shutting Down TweetDeck for Mac

Joe Rossignol:

Twitter today announced that it will be shutting down TweetDeck for Mac next month to focus on the web-based version of TweetDeck.

This is pretty much what they said a few years ago when discontinuing the Mac version of the regular Twitter client. It then came back as a Catalyst app. That likely won’t happen this time since there’s no longer an iOS version of TweetDeck:

TweetDeck was acquired in 2011 for $40 million by the social media giant. The company launched its HTML5 apps shortly after, available for the browser, Windows and Mac. It was also once available for iOS, Android and Windows. Unfortunately, the iOS and Android versions went offline in 2013, and then three years later, the Windows version went away as well.


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The non-dismissable banner is hideous, too. Looks like I'll need to use one of those "Make a website into an app" programs to make a new standalone Tweetdeck. It's not like was anything more than a lousy wrapper around the website anyway.

"Make a website into an app programs"

Chrome can do that now, no need to use other programs. Although perhaps somebody will make a dedicated native wrapper for TweetDeck now.

@Dan V.
There's a mac app called Tweeten that's basically the same wrapper as the retiring Tweetdeck app. Log in using it and it will even have your Tweetdeck setup waiting for you.

What are the benefits of running it in a wrapper compared to running it in a browser?

@Tim R thanks for the tip. Going to check it out today.

"What are the benefits of running it in a wrapper compared to running it in a browser?"

I like having an icon on the dock/cmd-tab to it instead of sorting through windows/lists of tabs.

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