Saturday, May 7, 2022

Bug Puts Apple Music in Dock

Juli Clover:

Apple Music appears to be affected by a bug that is causing the app to install itself directly into the dock when downloaded from the App Store, with the app even replacing other first and third-party apps located in the dock.


There have also been complaints that Apple Music is setting itself as the default music service when it is downloaded even if another music app was set as the default, but we have not been able to replicate this behavior.


Apple told MacRumors that it is aware of the issue and is looking into it.

Damien Petrilli:

Just like the “bug which re-enable Apple Music by itself in the settings all the time. A “bug”.

There are also longstanding bugs where users report that Software Update or Bluetooth gets switched on after an update. Most of the engineers and testers probably have all these features enabled, so preservation of the off state doesn’t get tested organically.


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I thought the first quote was from The Onion.

Or take Google Drive which puts itself in your favorites, even when you remove it. Every. Single. Time.

There could be an app for this to guard this. State of my

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