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Periodic Table of NSVisualEffectView

Matthias Gansrigler:

While working on that feedback panel that comes up when resizing a shot, or changing its transparency (see above), I needed an overview of the different appearances an NSVisualEffectView can have.

During testing, I discovered that NSVisualEffectView accepts material values from 0-37, of which only a few are documented.

With that in mind, this sample app shows 152 NSVisualEffectViews. 76 light, 76 dark, each consisting of 38 vibrant and 38 non-vibrant variants. Some of them look like they produce duplicate results, but all I needed was a brute-force way of showing all variants at once for comparison, so I didn’t bother filtering out anything.

You can download the source code here, if you’d like to play around with it yourself.

See also: Todd Ditchendorf.

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It doesn’t look very periodic to me.

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