Friday, April 29, 2022

Apple Watch Late Adopter

I started using an Apple Watch SE in January. I’d always thought that I’d get a watch eventually, but I’d long expected to wait for it to mature for a couple more generations. In the end, I gave in to the frustration of not being able to use Face ID to unlock my iPhone while wearing a mask. Naturally, Apple then delivered watch-free unlocking with iOS 15.4, but I’m still glad to be using the watch.


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Sébastien LeBlanc

Notification do not sync between device and never did. That's not new with the Watch. All device will receive the notification and you need to dismiss it on every device. Except iMessage where it will try to only send the notification to the active device (Ex. iPhone won't vibrate if I receive an iMessage on my Mac)

Another late adopter here, just got a Series 7 last month.
Mostly align with what you've found. Apple Pay only worked briefly for me, then has failed 100% since. And it's annoying to try to debug because you hate to hold up a checkout line while you futz with it. Unlocking my 2014 MBP is about 50/50.
If you exercise, the heart rate monitor has been very accurate for me when compared to a dedicated Wahoo HRM strap. And Watch integration with Peloton bike/service is very good.
Last note: it's absolutely absurd that you can't control playback on your iPad from the watch. I mean really, WTF? I can control my Roku but not my iPad?

@Sébastien Not saying you’re wrong, but I generally do receive all the iMessage notifications on all my devices if I don’t mark any of them as read.

In case you weren't aware, if the Mac unlock is spinning, you can start typing in your password and it will switch to the password box (and not miss the initial characters that you type before it appears). I find I have better success with the watch unlock if I initiate it with the hand that has the watch on it, keeping the watch closer to the Mac.

How are you finding remote notifications over cellular when out of range of iPhone? It never seems to work at all for me, iMessage excepting, and so I can't continue to justify cellular connectivity. Sadly it doesn't seem to work over non-local Wi-Fi unless cell service is activated, which just seems punitive to me.

Did you try launching Phone on your watch while your iPhone call is in progress? Choose to set the audio destination back to the watch speaker.

The Audiobooks app only works for Apple purchases, never synced books in iTunes/Finder. Travesty.

The Overcast volume thing seems to just be the standard. The default Now Playing app does it, too.

They introduced this around a year or two ago. I don’t like it either, because it makes small adjustments difficult. But on the other hand I did use to change the volume accidentally by brushing against it before.

Just curious: Did you dictate this article? The Gaia paragraph has two weird mistakes (as much has, now at then). Sound like typical misunderstandings to me, though I'd expect the speech engine to understand phrases like these.

@Ceri My experience has been that starting to type the password doesn't work. I’ve also been told that clicking first helps—I’ll try that next time.

@Sebby I didn’t get the cellular watch. Ah, I see that if I launch the Phone app on the watch I can use that to transfer the call to the watch. Even with the Phone app launched, I cannot transfer the call to the watch from the phone by picking the watch as an audio destination—the watch doesn’t appear.

@Peter At first I thought it must be standard. Then I deliberately used other apps and wasn’t seeing it. Just tried it again, and I see no delay in Spotify, and a smaller delay in Music than in Overcast. Yes, I’m usually adjusting the volume to make a small adjustment, so this delay means that I always overshoot.

@Thomas No dictation. It’s a combination of mistakes introduced by auto-correct and hasty proofreading. Thanks for pointing these out.

>I haven’t found a good hiking map app yet.

I use Komoot, but *only* to plan a route on my phone. Then I just use the Workouts app to actually walk. Komoot does (or used to) integrate with the app and it does add a few abilities, but I overall found it worse last time I tried it.

For planning, it has decent UI for calculating distances, showing nearby popular spots, etc.

> Unfortunately, the watch’s Weather complication doesn’t behave well when there’s no cellular signal. Instead of showing the last known weather data from 30 minutes ago, it just shows a useless loading indicator forever.

Hello Michael, I have made a graphical weather app that solves exactly this - Weathergraph caches last obtained forecast for up to 24 hours, so you always have recent weather data.

I originally made this because I love to go for multi-hour runs or bike rides, and at a time I had a wifi-only watch, so Apple's weather only showed blank, but the behavior helps in a load of other use cases (being abroad, venturing into no-cellular-coverage areas, seeing the recent forecast immediately without waiting to load ...).

It doesn't even cause a loss of precision much, as the hourly forecast models update once per hour at most, and usually, several hours old forecast is very similar to a fresh one.

(Of course, the weather still updates hourly if you have a connection, and nowcast every 15 minutes when you get a subscription for premium weather data. And there is now an iPhone/iPad/Mac version with graphical widgets as well - I am now iterating on improvements.)

Would you mind if I post a link?

I am reposting this message again, since it did not show before:

Bring Apple Watch as fully standalone device with NO dependency (NO need to iPhone or similar):

Time For The Apple Watch to Separate From The iPhone

It’s Time for the Apple Watch to Break Free From the iPhone

Do not forget a camera to take pictures, work as scanner (including Apple Live Text), read QR codes, etc. Then, I am sold. An extra bonus would be to connect it to the Mac.

A more direct connection with a Mac would be nice (e.g. for development) indeed. I also wish the Health app flat-out existed no the Mac, with bigger charts.

Camera? Sounds… tricky.

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