Thursday, April 14, 2022

Robert Arthur Morgan, RIP

BareFeats (tweet):

For the last three decades, Rob ART has been the Mad Mac Scientist, creator of the BareFeats website, where he combined his love of speed and Apple computers to report “Bare Facts on Mac Speed Feats.”

Robert Arthur Morgan pursued the TRUTH in all things APPLE/MAC with honesty, good manners, and unfailing fairness in his evaluations of products, whether great or small. His way of doing business and writing his BareFeats evaluations provided precious, rare, and valued information for manufacturers, business clients, and faithful readers. He tested Apple Products along with hard drives, graphic cards, and a plethora of accessories to make APPLE Computers run FASTER and meet the designing needs of Apple/MAC users worldwide with greater power, control, and efficiency.

Jason Snell:

My old boss at Macworld, Rick LePage, turned me on to BareFeats. It was one of those old-school Mac websites that was so clearly created by someone who was personally obsessed with a subject and just had to write about it. It was written in his voice, and was all about him chasing his own interests.

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He was great. RIP.

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