Wednesday, February 23, 2022

EU Says Apple Avoiding Compliance With ACM

Sami Fathi (tweet):

Apple would rather pay a maximum of €50 million in fines than address concerns brought forward by the Dutch competition authority regarding developer access to third-party payment methods on the App Store, the EU’s head of digital policy, Margrethe Vestager, has said.

During a speech about the digital economy and privacy (via TechCrunch), Vestager said that Apple “essentially prefers paying periodic fines, rather than comply with a decision of the Dutch Competition Authority on the terms and conditions for third parties to access” the App Store.

Natasha Lomas:

“We want our work on the gatekeepers to inspire other jurisdictions in the same way,” she said. “And we’re seeing it happen – for example in Japan, the UK, and Australia. In the US, several bills are progressing through Congress and Senate, and they share many features with our proposal. This is very encouraging because it means that there is a great degree of global consensus.”


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