Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Authenticator App Clones

Craig Grannell (also: MacRumors):

Kevin Archer is an indie developer who makes Authenticator App by 2Stable, a feature-rich, premium and suitably named take on, well, an authenticator app. There are of course other, similar, apps on the App Store. But he today revealed just how similar.

On Twitter, he claimed another developer lifted text from his app (including a section on Apple Watch support, despite the other app not supporting Apple’s wearable). When testing the app, Archer found a review request during onboarding, which doesn’t appear to align with Apple guidelines. And, naturally, there’s a weekly IAP subscription, because of course there is.

There are more clones that directly lift his copy and that don’t even work.


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If an 2FA code generator app clone isn’t the type of bad app that App Review is supposed to catch, then what is?

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