Wednesday, February 2, 2022

ScreenCaptureKit Added in macOS 12.3


Use the ScreenCaptureKit framework to add support for high-performance screen recording to your Mac app. The framework gives you fine-grained control to select and stream only the content that you want to capture. As a stream captures new frames of video, it passes your app a CMSampleBuffer that contains the video data and its related metadata.

Jesper (Hacker News):

And interestingly accompanied with a pull request to OBS to integrate it right away (under the banner of "Developer Ecosystem Engineering"), with changes that seem to follow the current work and adhere to its development process, ie not just a code dump or kthxbai.patch file against a months-old revision.

Maxwell Swadling:

why in the world would Apple add a ‘ScreenCaptureKit’ to macOS but still include the orange dot in the video output! no streamer wants that. no viewer wants that.


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