Saturday, January 29, 2022

Apple’s Q1 2022 Results

Apple (Hacker News):

The Company posted an all-time revenue record of $123.9 billion, up 11 percent year over year, and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $2.10.

Jason Snell (transcript, also: John Voorhees, Malcolm Owen):

Mac revenue also reached a new all-time high at $10.9 billion, and iPhone revenue also peaked at $71.6 billion. The iPad’s revenue was $7.2 billion, down sequentially and year-over-year, but still among the five best iPad quarters in recent years.

Services kept its upward growth path, setting a new record at $19.5 billion, and Wearables/Home/Accessories likewise set a new record at $14.7 billion.

Services is second only to iPhone, despite Mac and Wearables both setting new records. I don’t like seeing that, since increasing Services revenue seems to be linked to so many bad incentives for Apple.

John Gruber:

Last year Mac and iPad were very close to even. This year, Mac sales were up 25%, and iPad down 14%. That’s not surprising given the hardware releases last year: a good but uneventful year for iPads vs. the single most transformative year for Mac hardware ever.

Jeff Johnson:

There’s no conclusive evidence that M1 is a big sales driver for Mac. Sales of Intel Macs skyrocketed with the pandemic and WFH after a number of flat years.

2021 Q2 was massive +YOY but the same as pre-M1 2020 Q4, which was the same as post-M1 2021 Q4. […] It appears though that the pandemic has somewhat disrupted traditional seasonal buying patterns. If you look at quarter-to-quarter comparisons instead, it’s even worse for M1.


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Wearables is way more that Mac. That amazes me.

And I agree, Services will be the complete downfall of the Apple I love.

The incentives is what worries me the most for the future of the ecosystem, and especially macOS.

One area that has alrady suffered negelect because of this misalignement of incentives is local/offline syncing of iPhone media files and books. It's broken in so many ways and hasn't improved for years.

I have been fighting a import bug for years, where a subset of photos, mainly those put into the camera roll by WhatsApp, are imported multiple times, thereby creating duplicates.

One solution to this problem, conveniently for Apple, is to use iCloud for syncing the whole library. But I don't want to use that for different reasons. One of them being that my library is really huge.

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