Friday, January 14, 2022

PUBG Developer Sues Apple Over Alleged Rip-offs in the App Store

José Adorno (PDF):

In the US, PUBG’s developer sued the maker of another popular battle royale game, Free Fire. Not only that but Krafton has also named Apple and Google in the lawsuit, alleging that Apple and Google have refused to stop selling rip-off versions of its games.

Juli Clover:

Apple and Google are accused of distributing hundreds of millions of copies of the Free Fire apps, earning Garena “hundreds of millions of dollars” and netting Apple and Google a “substantial amount of revenue.”


Apple on December 21, 2021 was told that Free Fire infringes on Krafton’s PUBG copyrights, but Apple has not taken action to remove the game from the App Store.

I don’t understand why they waited until the end of 2021 to notify Apple if the alleged offending apps have been on sale (and using a variation on the “Battlegrounds” name) since 2019.


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That’s because PUBG just went free to play, so now they playing in the exact same arena as all these supposed clones.

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