Friday, January 7, 2022

Key M1 Mac Engineer Departs Apple for Intel

Juli Clover (Hacker News):

Apple’s former Director of Mac System Architecture Jeff Wilcox this week announced that he has left Apple to take on a new role at Intel. As noted on LinkedIn (via Tom’s Hardware), Wilcox was part of Apple’s M1 team and he had a key role in the transition from Intel chips to Apple silicon.

Wilcox’s profile says that he “led the transition” for all Macs to Apple silicon, and prior to that, he developed the SoC and system architecture for the T2 coprocessor used in Intel Macs.


Update (2022-01-13): Juli Clover:

Microsoft has hired Mike Filippo, a semiconductor designer who formerly worked at Apple as a chip architect, reports Bloomberg. Microsoft is aiming to further expand on chip designs for the servers that power its cloud computing services, and at Microsoft, Filippo will be working on processors for Azure servers.

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He may find it slightly more difficult to lead a transition away from x86 at his new company.

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