Friday, November 26, 2021

Xcode’s Environmental Pollution

Daniel Jalkut (tweet):

After a lot of trial and error, I came across the strangest observation: if I invoke “xcodebuild” from within my Python-based build script, the warning is emitted. If I invoke it directly from the Terminal, it isn’t. In fact, if I simplify my build script to simply invoking “xcodebuild”, the warning happens. Stranger still? If I change the script from “python3” to just “python”, the warning goes away again.


Sure enough, the environment variables differed when I ran the script with “python” vs. “python3”.


That “CPATH” entry for example only exists when invoking the script with python3, and it’s this very environment variable that is creating the unexpected Xcode warnings!

I was perplexed about how or why the version of Python could impact these environment variables, but then I remembered that python3 is bundled in Xcode itself, and the version at /usr/bin/python3 is a special kind of shim binary that directs Apple to locate and run the Xcode-bundled version of the tool. Apparently, a side-effect of this mechanism causes the problematic environment variable to be set!

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Confirmed. This is something weird about Apple's bundled Python.

When I run /usr/bin/python3 (which is the Apple version or Python 3.8.9), see the above behavior.

If I run /usr/local/bin/python3 (version 3.9.7, manually installed via the installer on, there is no such problem. On my system, /usr/local/bin appears first on the PATH, so I have never seen this issue.

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