Friday, November 26, 2021


Apple (via Hacker News):

Metal-cpp is a low-overhead C++ interface for Metal that helps developers add Metal functionality to graphics apps, games, and game engines that are written in C++.


No measurable overhead compared to calling Metal Objective-C headers, due to inlining of C++ function calls.


For convenience, you can alternatively use metal-cpp as a single-header include in your project.


Metal-cpp follows the object allocation policies of Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Understanding those rules is especially important when using metal-cpp because C++ objects are not eligible for automatic reference counting (ARC).

It’s not often that Apple encourages using C++.


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It's too bad this doesn't happen more often. The accessibility protocols would be more useful to other toolkits, for instance, if they had C/C++ interfaces. As it stands now Windows gets all the love from screen readers.

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