Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Twitter Improves API and Restrictions

Amir Shevat and Sonya Penn (Hacker News):

Essential access includes immediate access to the Twitter API v2 upon signup, one App environment and the ability to retrieve up to 500k Tweets per month. This should meet the majority of developers’ needs, especially early on.


We know that when you build solutions for people who use Twitter, you often have to build or replicate some of the features that already exist on Twitter. So, to encourage more of this innovation, we’ve removed language in our Developer Policy that restricted some elements of how you build with Twitter’s core features and limited the number of users you can support through your app.


The Twitter API v2 is ready for prime time! Over the past 14 months, we have been steadily releasing net new and v1.1 replacement endpoints to Twitter API v2, and today 90% of all existing apps built on the Twitter API v1.1 can be fully supported on v2 with new key features and increased access.


Specifically, we’ve removed terms that restricted replication of the Twitter experience, including Twitter’s core features as well as terms that required permission to have high numbers of user tokens.

Paul Haddad:

The quadrants of doom are finally gone!


Update (2021-11-17): Nick Heer:

This week’s announcement appears to be Twitter’s mea culpa, but developers are right to be cautious. A third-party client cannot search tweets older than one week, view likes or retweets with comments, use bookmarks, or vote in polls — among many other limitations. Some of these things are on Twitter’s roadmap for API V2, but it is unclear whether all of them will come to fruition. One thing seems certain: we are not going back to the days when users’ posts were available as an RSS feed.

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