Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Peloton Blames App Tracking Transparency

Tim Hardwick:

Peloton has become the latest company to blame Apple’s ad-related privacy changes in iOS for negatively impacting its business, according to a new report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Best known for its at-home exercise equipment and online fitness classes, Peloton blamed the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) rules Apple introduced in iOS 14.5 for making it more difficult to add new subscriptions to its services by targeting online shoppers based on their interests.

The company made the claim this week in its latest earnings call, in which it cited slower than expected post-pandemic economic re-openings, before cutting its annual revenue forecast by as much as $1 billion, while lowering its projections for subscribers and profit margins.

Carolina Milanesi:

Um I struggle to see how if you are using Peloton and want to get a subscription you would walk away because of the tracking question. Clearly you trust the company already, at least at some level

It’s not clear to me whether Peloton is complaining about the scary tracking alert or the fact that the ads they’re buying are more expensive and less effective.

Ben Bajarin:

In light of Peloton’s stock tumble, I wanted to share a brief thread on their competitive advantage and growth prospects.


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@Michael It's definitely the "more expensive and less effective" bit that's bothering peloton.

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