Friday, October 29, 2021

What’s New on the Monterey Command Line

Florian Albrecht:

The other day we found a helpful command line tool option, only to discover later that the option was only available in macOS Monterey. Since we also need to target Big Sur, this would not be an option for us. So we created something to help us overcome similar issues in the future: a way to compare man pages between macOS system versions.


We applied some shell scripting in order to get those man page source files into readable plain text. Then we put the releases we wanted to compare, in this case macOS 11.6 and macOS 12.0, into a git repository. And voilà, out of approximately 3200 man pages, 817 had changes.


We think that our solution can be useful to more people, so we published the formatted results on GitHub. Just clone the repository, and make sure you have Kaleidoscope installed and set up as git difftool. Enter git difftool changeset/macOS11 changeset/macOS12, and you will get this[…]

This is really cool. The GitHub repo is here.


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