Monday, October 25, 2021

Photos in iOS 15 and Monterey

Jason Snell:

The Memories feature has been completely reworked into a dynamic multimedia slideshow—though it won’t arrive on macOS until later on in the cycle. New sharing features make it easy to pluck images out of Messages and pop them into your library—and in the case of some images, they’ll show up in there even when you don’t ask them to.

Every year, Apple seems to apply more machine-learning algorithms to scan your photo library, and this year is no exception. The system now identifies all sorts of objects, scans all the text found in images, and exports a lot more of that data into Spotlight search.


Beginning with macOS Monterey, Photos can import the contents of one Photos library into another—with a few important limitations. All the photos will be imported from the other library into the one you’re currently using. However, your albums and keywords will be left behind, so don’t consider this a complete merger. It’s more accurate to think of this as importing all the images from one library into another, just as you’d import images from a camera.

Federico Viticci:

Besides Live Text, the most relevant changes to Photos this year involve integration with Look Up and, at long last, the ability to view rich metadata for images inside the app.


The company also claims “expert film and TV music curators” selected a set of default songs for Memories, which are combined with your music tastes, the contents of your photos, their original date, and their location to recommend songs that where popular when and where you captured an image or video.

I don’t know how to put this: either these curators need a crash course in music industry news, or the algorithm is way off on my iPhone.

Ryan Jones:

This was driving me mad… iOS 15 live text photo search only works via Spotlight, not 🤦‍♂️ So dumb.

Kyle Howells:

Just tried using the memories feature of the Photos app in iOS 15 and it’s such a big downgrade for how I used it.

It used to basically be my favourite video editor. I could point it at an album of photos and tell it to make a video. Then go in and manually edit each photo and video clip segment included.

Now it’s just a slideshow that plays music at the same time.


Before, when it guessed wrong and showed you a clip of the video which ends just before the bit you actually what to see, you could press edit & adjust which bit of the video it includes in the memory video.

Now those controls are completely gone. You get what it gives you.

Greg Hurrell:

Last time, a bunch of photos mysteriously disappeared after importing into Photos app and then updating. And it’s not just my device. Partners phone also has problems syncing to a different Apple computer. So much for seamless integration.


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