Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Impossible Move

Rob Griffiths:

  1. Create a screen full of apps and folders, such that there’s no remaining space.
  2. Position a folder in the rightmost lower corner of the screen.
  3. Attempt to drag an app from another screen into that folder.


The only solution I’ve found that works for all cases is this one:

  1. Move the target folder to another location on the screen.
  2. Move the target app into the target folder.
  3. Move the target folder back to its original location.

To reiterate my earlier tweet…please, Apple, provide an official solution for home screen management using a Mac.


Update (2021-10-25): Jesse Squires:

This bug also happens on macOS “Launchpad”

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Kevin Schumacher

I do miss using iTunes for this.

Kevin Schumacher

Sorry for the double comment. But this reminds me of an odd behavior I noticed recently. I delete one of Apple's first-party apps from my device frequently and then download it again (for reasons I don't wish to list here). My first home screen has two app icons, then six folders, then a medium widget that takes up the rest of the screen.

Every time I've redownloaded the first-party app since upgrading to iOS 15, the system has placed it as the second icon on the first home screen, pushing the other icon and the folders over by one so then the last folder lands on the next screen. Which is also full, so then it pushes the last icon on that screen to the next one, and so forth.

I've never seen it put any app on the first screen before, even back when I used to have room there. It's extra bizarre that it chooses the second slot, not the first. And it only does it with this first-party app, not anything else I download. (Granted I haven't tried with any other first-party apps.)

A Mac app would be nice but I’d rather see Apple fix Springboard. It should be as easy to arrange icons on my iPhone as it is to arrange icons on an Android phone.

@Kevin Schumacher

Related observation. If you delete and then download it again from the App Store, the Music icon will be placed straight into the dock. If your dock is already full, one of the other icons will be kicked out.

Would love to know how this decision was justified by Apple's management.

This move isn’t impossible. Drag the app over the edge of the dock. The folder reappears. Now tap the folder to open it. Voilà.

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