Monday, October 11, 2021

Google Winds Down Material Design for iOS

Jeff Verkoeyen:

This year my team shifted the open source Material components libraries for iOS into maintenance mode.

Since 2012 and the original launch of Google Maps iOS, my team has supported the creation and maintenance of shared UI components across Google. This was originally born out of a need to fill gaps in UIKit’s design language.


With the introduction of SwiftUI and significant UIKit improvements in iOS 14+, it’s never been easier to build a great branded experience with a tiny amount of code.


The time we’re saving not building custom code is now invested in the long tail of UX details that really make products feel great on Apple platforms.

Via Charles Arthur:

I think the TL;DR of this thread is that Google apps on iOS will start looking like they were born on iOS in future, rather than looking like they’re from another planet.

Jason Snell:

This is good news. It’s good for Google’s developers, who no longer have to build that custom code. And more importantly, it’s good for people who use Google’s apps on iOS, because with any luck they’ll be updated faster, work better, and feel more like proper iOS apps, not invaders from some other platform.

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