Friday, October 8, 2021

Halide 2.5: Macro Mode

Ben Sandofsky (The Verge, MacRumors):

To start, tap the “AF” button to switch from auto focus to manual focus. Since Macro is often best done with the focus fixed to a close subject or with some adjustment, Macro Mode lives in the manual focus controls. To then enter Macro Mode, tap the the flower icon — the universal symbol for macro.


If you’d rather adjust focus by hand, we increase the swipe-distance of our focus dial so you can make granular adjustments down to the millimeter. To nail that focus point, Focus Peaking draws an outline around the sharpest areas of your image. You can set it to automatically trigger when adjusting focus, or you can turn it on and off.


We trained a neural network to upscale images in a way that produces much sharper, smoother results than what you typically get in an editor. It’s available on all iPhone with a neural engine— anything made in 2017 or later— and it produces full 4k resolution JPEGs at either 2× or 3× magnification.

This sounds great, and I appreciate the manual focus controls, but I did not notice much difference with Neural Macro over the built-in Camera app on my iPhone 12 mini. In some cases, Halide was a little sharper. Sometimes it had slightly better color, sometimes slightly worse. Perhaps the improvement is more evident at certain distances or with certain types of macro photos.

John Voorhees:

In my testing over the past day, the results have been impressive. I’m especially fond of the precise focus dial that allows for minute adjustments that make a difference at such close range.


Update (2021-10-15): See also: Hacker News.

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