Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Retro Dither 1.0.1

David Kopec:

Today I launched a new novelty Mac app, Retro Dither. Retro Dither gives any photo a cool retro look using just black and white pixels. You may want this for artistic effect, or you may want to export your photo to MacPaint for display on a retro Mac. Retro Dither launched on the Mac App Store today.


I was working on my next programming book, which will be an intermediate Python projects book, when I came across an article about Atkinson Dithering on Hacker News by John Earnest. Dithering algorithms can be used for approximating the look of an image with less colors. Atkinson Dithering is one that is particularly well suited for approximating an image using just black and white.


So, I started researching the MacPaint file format and found this article.


Update (2021-10-05): Ashley Bischoff:

Oh, so kinda like @Iconfactory’s BitCam?

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It's probably for purely nostalgic reasons, but I love a well dithered 1-bit image.

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