Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Imgur Acquired

Imgur (Hacker News):

Imgur remained an independent company for 12 years. Through it all, our goal has always been to build an authentic place online where people express themselves, feel good, connect, and discover the magic of the internet. Today Imgur reaches 300 million people around the world and is home to one of the largest (and obviously the best) single independent communities online.


We made the choice to join the MediaLab portfolio because their resources and shared services can help accelerate us closer toward our goal and keep the main Imgur team focused on what we do best: creating the best place for community-powered entertainment online. MediaLab has committed to investing more resources in engineering and community to continue adding new features, new tools for creators, and growing Imgur.

Andy Baio:

bought by the same company who acquired Genius two weeks ago

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