Monday, September 27, 2021

Indie Apps Catalog

Dave Verwer:

What would an App Store look like if it focused on apps by independent developers? Filip Nemecek shows us! What a great idea. Of course, this would be better as an app itself, but the guidelines would get in the way of that plan, but a web version is better than nothing!

This looks nicely done, and it includes both iOS and Mac apps, though not Mac apps from outside the App Store. Too bad he can’t earn an affiliate commission for helping people find apps. Note that submissions seem to be backlogged at the moment.


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Everything old is new again. Anyone remember Version Tracker? You didn't have to be in the app store to be included in that. Version Tracker used to be a significant source of customers for us. is still around but it was never as popular as Version Tracker. I hope this takes off but I also hope they find a way to include any Mac app, whether in the App store or not.

Put the means of distribution in the hands of the producers!

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