Friday, September 24, 2021

Upgrading Your iOS Device

Jason Snell:

The problem is that most people don’t buy a new iPhone every year. The primary upgraders to the iPhone 13 will be coming from the iPhone 7, or 8, or X, or XS, or XR. For them, several years of Apple innovations will be rolled into a single purchase. But reviews of the new iPhones will not address what happened in 2018, or 2019, or 2020.

Here’s an attempt to provide a little more of a big-picture overview for owners of older iPhones who are wondering what’s new in the iPhone 13.


Face ID replaces Touch ID, so if you’re frequently masked and don’t have an Apple Watch, you’ll need to enter your passcode more often.

John Gruber:

Device-to-device is better because it moves over all your login credentials. When you restore from an iCloud backup, you wind up logged out of a lot of apps on the new device. When you restore device-to-device, almost everything moves over. I know there are exceptions, but I don’t think I bounced into a single app that didn’t keep me fully logged in this week. If you tried device-to-device a few years ago and found it lacking, try it again now — Apple has improved this process every year since it debuted. Worst case scenario, you can always start over and use iCloud backup.


Update (2021-10-20): Marco Arment:

I think the only way to include downloaded podcast files in phone transfers is to ALSO set them to be included in your iCloud Backup.

I’ve never set that flag because most people don’t want to waste a lot of their limited iCloud space for most podcasts, which are redownloadable.

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