Monday, September 20, 2021

DuckDuckGo Email Protection

Sami Fathi (Hacker News):

DuckDuckGo today announced its brand new Email Protection feature that will allow users to save themselves from being tracked by trackers embedded into emails by forwarding them to a free and personalized DuckDuckGo email before being sent to their actual email.


One of the largest cornerstones of DuckDuckGo’s offering, compared to Apple’s Hide My Email, is its cross-platform compatibility.


DuckDuckGo is pledging that it never saves a user’s email and that even when emails are sent to its servers to be cleansed from trackers, that information remains private.


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This is great but this seems like something that Fastmail should be leading on.

Beatrix Willius

Isn't this privacy feature totally pointless? Most emails also contain real images and counting these instead of the invisible pictures also works.

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