Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Magic Lasso Adblock 3.0

Matthew Bickham:

Magic Lasso seamlessly blocks all YouTube ads with a combination of custom, efficient content blocking rules using Safari’s native content blocker API along with a new permission-restricted ‘Magic Lasso Pro’ web extension.

Unlike other ad blockers whose web extensions have unrestricted permissions to read and view any pages you visit, Magic Lasso Pro only has access to pages within the domain. Therefore your browsing history beyond YouTube is not accessible to the web extension. Or to the Magic Lasso app.

This feature requires the Pro version, which is $3/month or $30/year (shared across Mac and iOS). Pro also includes a blocker for those annoying cookie pop-up banners. Both features work well in my experience, though sometimes I run into a Safari bug that stops extensions from working until I quit and relaunch.


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Now if only something like this were available for YouTube on Apple TV.

This looks like a nice upgrade. Anyone know how Magic Lasso compares to 1Blocker? I’ve been happy with it for years now but am curious how other products stack up as they’ve evolved.

Kevin Schumacher

I gave up a few months ago and subscribed to YouTube Premium. While I realize it's supporting the Evil Empire, it's also supporting the creators who lost out on ad dollars when I was ad-skipping, so I consider it a net wash.

"which is $3/month or $30/year"

If you're going to pay for an adblocker for YouTube, just pay for Premium. The people you watch on YouTube will benefit from it, they make a lot more from premium watchers than regular visitors.

@Nigel Magic Lasso does in many cases as good of a job as 1Blocker. If you have more than one device though, the problem I have with Magic Lasso is they don't support iCloud Sync of Magic Lasso whitelist.

1Blocker has had it forever.

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