Wednesday, August 11, 2021

macOS 11.5.2

Eric Slivka:

Apple has released a new macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 update, delivering unspecified bug fixes for Mac users running the latest major operating system version. The update comes a little over two weeks after Apple released macOS 11.5.1.

See also: Mr. Macintosh, Howard Oakley.


Update (2021-08-13): Mr. Macintosh:

Apple quickly responded.

No further details on the Big Sur 11.5.2 update will be released.

See also: Sami Fathi.

Update (2021-08-18): Howard Oakley:

So far, I have been comparing hashes between 11.5.1 and 11.5.2 across a limited range of directories, but here are the changes in 11.5.2 that this has already revealed[…]


I think the evidence points to Apple having made significant security fixes in 11.5.2, as well as fixing bugs across important frameworks.

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I wish someone just ran a script every time a build appears that compares hashes, or at least version numbers, so we have a vague idea of which areas this build tackles. (Mr. Macintosh does list that this includes a different Safari build. What about, say, Mail?)

Just a dump of all bundles with their main binary hashes and Info.plist version numbers, then update, then run the dump again, and diff.

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