Friday, August 6, 2021

After Dark Screensavers Recreated in CSS

This, from Bryan Braun, is great (via Hacker News).

Matt Birchler:

Younger readers may not be familiar, but After Dark was a piece of software you could get for your Mac that had a bunch of screensavers you could enjoy. The most iconic, as far as I can tell, are the flying toasters.

The earlier days of computers and the internet were really bad in some ways (matters of inclusion come to mind as something we didn’t even think of back then), but there are so many incredible things abut that time as well. Flying toasters perfectly symbolizes these days for me; it’s weird, it’s kinda stupid, and its iconic.


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… now I’m pining for the “Lunatic Fringe” module …

@Tom I guess that one would require some JavaScript.

Heh, I’m a dumb user, I understand nothing of this, I can click the mouse and use keyboard commands but that’s about it 😅

THANKS, Plume,

I had found and tried that last night, but it didn’t work in Safari (all whitelisted), so I had given up on that.

Now, after reading your comment, I tried it again, this time in Chrome, and YEAH, LUNATiC FRINGE :-D
… only to find out that I seem to have lost all my Lunatic Fringe savvy in the ~30 years since I last played it 😅 Was fun nevertheless, but I’m afraid I cannot bring myself to waste as much time on it as I used to do back in the day.

Now off to look for Spectre (resp. Spectre VR), which we used to play in the network of the small graphics company I worked for at the time.

Awesome memories!

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