Thursday, August 5, 2021

Apple Brings Back the Dedicated Store Web Page

Nick Heer:

The Store page, launched yesterday, seems to fix the clunkiness of that previous redesign. You can tell it is important because it is the first menu item after the Apple logo. It also, unfortunately, makes liberal use of horizontal scrolling. It feels like a page that was laid out before the designer knew what would be in it. At least it again exists.

I like having a separate store page, but it wish it worked more like a Web page. And I wish Apple’s store apps didn’t rely on horizontal scrolling, either. I like lists and column views, not grids of rounded rectangles.


Update (2021-08-09): Ken Segall:

Imagine if the physical Apple Stores replicated the “improved” online buying experience.

Every Apple product would be in a separate room with its own private entrance. Visitors to each room would be effectively shielded from what Apple has spent decades building—a rich ecosystem of products and services all designed to work together.

This “streamlining” of the online buying experience was a classic case of overthink. Thankfully, that’s all behind us now.


Why did adding Buy buttons on product pages require blowing up the entire online Apple Store in the first place?

Why did this voyage to the Land of the Blatantly Obvious take six long years?


Not “Apple Store”? Not “ Store”? Just ………… Store?

Update (2021-08-10): See also: Upgrade.

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I would suggest Tim Cook to request a refund for this web page because the page does not scroll correctly vertically.

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel and the mouse cursor is on one of those horizontal scrolling sections (with the strangely hidden left and right arrows), using the scroll wheel does not scroll the page.And you're just wondering why when it happens.

I have the same problem as @someone: I can't scroll vertically using my mouse's scroll wheel. The scrolling gets stuck any time my mouse cursor is over one of the horizontally scrollable areas.

The store page's content is also weirdly right-aligned, with way too much padding on the left side.

I assume that (bad design or not) this web page is not working correctly. At least not on macOS. Maybe it works properly on iOS? Either way, this is pretty embarrassing.

Scrolling with the mouse wheel is indeed broken on Big Sur and Monterey when using Safari. However, the scroll wheel does correctly scroll when using Firefox or Chrome.

It's rather surprising that there isn't a single designer or developer who was part of this project that uses a mouse and uses Safari, otherwise the issue would have been noticed right away. It's completely broken under Safari unless you have a trackpad.

It ain't great WITH a trackpad. It pauses at every row, and an attempt to scroll again slightly moves the page the first time, then scrolls to the next row on the 2nd attempt. Apple's been overriding normal scrolling on their site for a couple of years now, and it's why I spend as little time on it as I can.

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