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Git Tower 7

Julian Rothkamp:

The first thing you will notice after updating to Tower for Mac version 6 is our new dock icon.


After adapting the toolbar to the new design, we decided to go one step further and remove Tower’s “Navigation Bar” right below the toolbar.


Across the whole app you will find new as well as redesigned icons.

Julian Rothkamp:

Version 7 gives you the option to easily give your commits more context by directly referencing issues, commits and files.


Similar to issues numbers, you can search and autocomplete commit references by typing “c:”.


If you want to quickly reference specific changed files from your working copy, simply do so by typing “\”.


For a quick overview of the list of available commands, just type “/”. Tower will show you command suggestions to help you discover available completion actions easily.


If you start your commit message with the “fixup!” or “squash!” keywords in the subject field, Tower lets you choose an existing commit you want to fixup or squash, respectively. After making that commit, you can switch to your HEAD branch’s history and will find a bright yellow button at the top to conclude the process.

The version numbers are changing so quickly now.

I still wish I could just drag and drop a file onto Tower to see its history.


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Drew Carver

Every time I’ve tried using Tower there’s are simple shortcomings that are deal breakers. I can’t deal with no syntax highlighting on diffs.

I switched over to Fork a little over a year ago and it’s been awesome.

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