Monday, July 12, 2021

Apple’s Camera Design Choices

System Plus Consulting (PDF, via Hacker News):

This report aims to offer insight into the physical and cost evolution of the camera modules and CMOS image sensors in the last six years of Apple flagship smartphones.

The analysis covers the rear and front-facing RGB camera modules as well as the front-facing Near Infrared (NIR) module. This includes the complete structure, design, and all components of the camera modules. It covers the dimensions, technology nodes and stacking technology in the CMOS image sensors.


All rear sensors have 12 megapixels (Mp) despite the trend among other leading OEMs to go as high as 108 Mp. This has allowed Apple to sometimes retain image sensors between iPhone generations while improving camera performance from module upgrades and algorithm tweaks.

Update (2021-07-15): Rob Jonson:

DXOMARK have a shootout amongst their top scoring cameras. The winner in the zoom category is the Samsung using a dedicated 64MP tele lens.

It’s a pretty clear win.

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