Thursday, July 8, 2021

WWDC 2014 Video With Larry David

Sam Henri-Gold:

today’s vibe: scrapped WWDC 2014 intro film feat. Larry David, JB Smoove, and Evan Spiegel

See also: YouTube.

John Gruber:

One joke that might have played as funny in 2014 but wouldn’t in 2021 is the central conceit of the video — that Apple’s head of app review is a capricious jerk who makes approval decisions based on inscrutable whims.

I don’t think that would ever have gone over well.


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More hair raising for me were the Holocaust jokes. I don’t see how anyone at an Apple office thought that was appropriate to send to an editor, nevermind release.

It was funny at times, but there were times it was too clearly in very bad taste. Wow.

Though I can’t say Apple TV (I’m thinking of a particular scene in See here - if there were more, I won’t seen them, having quit the show right then) doesn’t have peak offensive at times as well. Maybe Cue’s branch (no pun intended) went off the deep end here too.

Good heavens I need a edit button for grammar on this site sometimes. Sheesh. 🙈

Larry David is just not funny nor clever. His stuff always feels forced.

Yes, even in 2014 that would have been "introing the iPhone 4 antenna design press conference with Jonathan Mann", times 1000. The feeling of being gratuitously jerked around and wondering if that wasn't intentional to an extent was already widespread in the early 10's.

I thought the Jonathan Mann song at the beginning of a Stevenote was a nice touch. (Maybe I would've felt differently if I had had an iPhone 4. Instead, I went straight to the 4S a year later, so I never experienced the issue.)

But for the App Store, yeah, I don't think there was an era where "haha, we're so capricious" would've played well. Since its inception, that has been its reputation. Certainly in 2014, six years after its launch.

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