Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Boop 1.3.1

Ivan Mathy (via Matt Birchler):

Sometimes you need to do something, and it’s just way easier to Google something like “json formatter online” and paste your data into whatever the first result is. It’s not your fault Xcode prints out escaped strings. And who knows how to get the character count in Terminal? I mean why would that access token be URL encoded? Speaking of, does that JWT look base 64 encoded to you? Also that JSON response is one big line it’s really hard to read. Oh boy, that XML document is just a complete mess. I wonder what the MD5 for the password I use everywhere is? Oh, here we go, md5generator dot com, you’re my savior!


I tend to do these sorts of things in BBEdit by writing a text filter script and invoking it using the LaunchBar-style Commands window. But Boop seems like a nice, single-purpose app with a convenient interface and lots of transformations built in. It’s open source and extensible via JavaScript.

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Awesome! Thanks!

The link behind "Ivan Mathy" points to "boop.okat.best" - is that supposed to work?

@Thomas It worked at the time I wrote the post. His top-level site is here.

You can download it from the GitHub page (Releases link) that shows in the Youtube page that shows in the Twitter page:

When a problem comes along, you must Boop it
When your JSON's formatted wrong, you must Boop it

I imagine most developers already have an editor of choice (BBEdit, vim, emacs, whatever) and most likely that editor is scriptable. Like Michael, I think most of us have custom functions for the transformations we do most. And, importantly, they can be done in the tool we already use all day.

The beauty of Boop is that it is a GUI even for people who know nothing about programming or scripting. For instance, when you copy a Google URL, it is encoded and useless. Just use Boop to decode it. Fantastic!

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