Monday, July 5, 2021

Gaia GPS Acquired

Kristin Hostetter (via Matt Stoller):

Pocket Outdoor Media (parent company to SNEWS, Backpacker, and nearly 30 other active living brands) announced news that will catapult the Boulder-based company into a powerful position in these industries: It has purchased Outside Magazine, Outside TV, Gaia GPS, Peloton Magazine, and athleteReg.


As the world’s leading backcountry mapping app, Gaia GPS will provide mapping, route finding, and navigation across the Outside platform, benefiting readers of Backpacker, Trail Runner, Climbing, and SKI.


But perhaps what excites Thurston the most is how these brands will come together to fortify the powerful value proposition of its membership program, Active Pass.

This doesn’t sound like good news for fans of the app.


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Agree that this is probably not good news (am a big user of Gaia myself), but worth noting that this acquisition (and article) are from February.

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