Friday, July 2, 2021

Custom Fonts in iOS and macOS apps

Sarah Reichelt (via Peter Steinberger):

Now the font file is in the project but there is still more work to do.


Now go to the Info.plist file. Right-click in the blank space below the existing entries and select “Add Row” from the popup menu. In the box that appears, start typing “Font” using an upper-case “F”. When you see “Fonts provided by application”, select that.


But the exact name is not always obvious and is rarely the file name. So the best thing to do is to ask the app what fonts it now has available. This will also act as confirmation that the font file is being included correctly in your project.


For a Mac app, you do not need to specify the font file name in your Info.plist file. Instead, you have to tell the Info.plist where to look for custom fonts in your project directory.


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