Wednesday, June 16, 2021

iMessage State Not Syncing

Philipp Defner:

After waking up the computer, messages from hours ago stay unread until I click on each conversation to make the badge go away. Restarting doesn’t fix that. Clicking on a conversation sometimes replays the messages with a “new message arrived” notification sound for each message.

iMessage stopped syncing my conversations’ unread status around the time I updated to Catalina. So I have to view each conversation on each device to clear the notification number.

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Ah it's not just me then. My favorite is when there is a icon number, but there is nothing in the list, I have to restart messages to get it to show up.


I had the same issue for months, but it seems to have been fixed lately as both my iPhone and MacBook Pro show the exact same unread count

I’m not using macOS 11.5.2 and iOS 14.7.1, and still the statuses aren’t syncing.

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