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FaceTime in iOS 15 and Monterey

Juli Clover:

In iOS 15 and its sister updates, you can create a link to a FaceTime conversation that can be shared anywhere. Using this link, friends and family members who do not have an Apple device can log into a FaceTime call using a web browser.

Non-Apple users can join a one-on-one FaceTime call or a Group FaceTime call, effectively making FaceTime a more platform-agnostic video service that is no longer just limited to iOS users. You do, however, need an iOS user to start a FaceTime call and send a link.

I’ll be interested to hear how the end-to-end encryption works from an arbitrary Web browser.

Tim Hardwick:

Apple at WWDC has announced several new upcoming FaceTime features for Apple devices, like spatial audio, voice isolation, wide spectrum, FaceTime Links, SharePlay, and more.



Kevin Schumacher

I guess I'm not sure what your comment means? It sounds like you don't think end-to-end encryption is possible in a browser. It's also not just "an arbitrary web browser," it's only the latest versions of Chrome or Edge.

@Kevin Well, I was thinking how Apple’s other services use device keys and 2FA, neither of which would seem to apply in this case. But I guess those aren’t really needed for E2E. The browser could generate a session-specific key pair and send the public key to Apple to give to the other participants. Can this and the encryption/decryption be done performantly in JavaScript?

Kevin Schumacher

@Michael There is precedent for E2EE in the browser. and, the latter of which is powering the web browser Brave's implementation, just launched in Nightly versions.

@Kevin Cool, thanks.

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