Monday, June 7, 2021

Emerge (Sponsor)

My thanks to Emerge for sponsoring the blog this week.

Emerge helps teams build better, smaller apps. It offers binary profiling to enable developers to see the full impact of their changes as they make them and actionable insights to provide suggestions on ways devs can improve their code.


Emerge integrates with your CI workflow and comments on your pull requests with granular binary size diffs and insights. Developers can dive even deeper on Emerge’s platform with interactive visualizations that enable you to explore and understand your app’s binary, track your app size over time, and even compare your app against competitors!

Our team has experience reducing the size of Airbnb’s iOS app by over 10%. Now we’re bringing our new development experience to apps everywhere.

Want to see an example of Emerge’s build analysis? 🧐 Check out an App Store build of Reddit.

🚀 Get started with Emerge right now!

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