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Twitter Blue

Juli Clover:

Under In-App Purchases, there’s now a “Twitter Blue” option that’s priced at $2.99, though the feature does not appear to be live in the iOS app at this time.


Twitter Blue will include an “Undo Tweet” option that holds a tweet for a set period of time before sending it out so you can choose to undo it, and a “Reader Mode” that makes it easier to read long threads.

Notably, it sounds like it doesn’t hide the ads.

Update (2021-06-04): Twitter (MacRumors):

Starting today, we will be rolling out our first iteration of Twitter Blue in Australia and Canada.

Nick Heer:

Think about all of the things that Twitter could do with a paid subscription — chronological timeline, editable tweets, fewer or no ads — and then look at Twitter Blue. Entirely not compelling.

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