Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Tweaks for Twitter 1.0

Jeff Johnson (tweet):

Tweaks for Twitter is a macOS web browser extension that improves the user interface of in many ways. Tweaks works in Safari for Mac, Google Chrome for Mac, and any other Chromium-based web browser for the Mac, such as Brave, Microsoft Edge, and Vivaldi.

In addition to cleaning out lots of extraneous elements, it expands “” URLs and makes the full page scrollable.


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It seems to be a paid Mac Store app and not a browser extension. (A browser extension would not require to enable developer mode in Chrome either I guess.) That does not mean that the app / extension (?) might not be great.

Martin, it's a browser extension. A browser extension runs code inside your web browser, which Tweaks does. It is paid, yes. Although the majority of extensions are free, some are paid. Browser extension doesn't imply free.

Enabling developer mode in the Chrome Extensions window is required to load an extension from outside the Chrome Web Store. But I don't understand the "not an extension" comment, since Tweaks appears in the Chrome Extensions and Safari Extensions windows. I think you're just confused about the method of distribution?

Roger Scrafford

I'm finding it only as an app store app, not in any list of extensions. It seems to require some hoop-jumping with Brave; I have yet to actually get it to work there.
With Safari, Tweaks works as advertised, and is worth the small price. I agree, the the "method of distribution" makes it seem unlike the kind of extension I expected.

Roger, if you're having trouble please contact support.

I find it interesting that after several years app packages have been the preferred method of distribution of Safari extensions – and for almost two years the only method – people are still confused.

All Safari extensions now come as apps, whether free or paid.

The inclusion of a Chromium version of the extension is just an added bonus and the method of installation is the same as any extension that is not in the Chrome Web Store (applies to Chrome, Brave, Opera and any other Chromium browser that I know of).

I’d say it’s actually easier, since you don’t have to store and manage the folder containing the extension yourself and you don’t have to manually update it. I assume the Chromium version can get updated together with the main app (and Safari version) and you don’t have to do anything yourself within Chrome, which is neat and definitely not the case of most other Chrome extensions not in Google’s web store.

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