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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Script Debugger 8

Late Night Software (full release notes, press release):

Script Debugger’s appearance has been updated to fit nicely into macOS Big Sur. Script Debugger 8 runs natively on Apple’s new M1 Macs, and generates universal Intel/ARM applications when running under macOS Big Sur, regardless of platform.


To go along with Dark Mode support, Script Debugger 8 provides user configurable and switchable themes.


Viewing script library documentation has been made much easier with the introduction of a Libraries section within Script Debugger’s dictionary window.


Script Debugger 8 offers vastly expanded options for generating standalone applications, along with the ability to code-sign and notarize applications.


Security changes introduced in macOS Mojave and later rendered Script Debugger’s external debugging feature inoperable. For Script Debugger 8 we’ve removed external debugging[…]

There’s something weird going on with AppleScript on Apple Silicon Macs. I and others have encountered problems where AppleScript commands time out and fail when either the sending or receiving app is running in Rosetta. So it’s great news that my preferred AppleScript editor now runs natively.

It’s $100 or $50 to upgrade, with many of the features working in the free lite mode.