Sunday, May 2, 2021

SeaTurtle (Sponsor)

My thanks to Oak Snow Consulting for sponsoring the blog this week.

Do you want to teach your kids to program? Help them take their first steps with SeaTurtle, a turtle graphics–oriented programming language built for macOS. SeaTurtle is an extremely simple programming environment inspired by Logo and BASIC. It has very few features—just enough to engage learners in the pursuit of turtle graphics.


Did you learn to program in Logo? Why not give your children the same gentle introduction in a more modern environment designed specifically for the Mac. SeaTurtle comes with ample example programs, video tutorials, and a detailed language guide.

Help Sally write her first loop, subroutine, and if-statement. Help her do it in a language with no special characters, no case sensitivity, and keywords so self-explanatory it’s child’s play. Then she can export her work to an animated GIF to share with her friends. She’ll be ready in no-time to graduate to a real language like JavaScript or Python. SeaTurtle is training wheels for programming.

Purchase SeaTurtle today for $4.99 on the Mac App Store. We’re proud to do our first advertising by sponsoring Michael’s blog, a great resource for developers who remember growing up with Logo and BASIC.

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