Thursday, March 18, 2021

FlickType Developer Sues Apple

Nick Statt (tweet, MacRumors, Hacker News):

At the time he began accusing Apple of abetting App Store scams early last month, Eleftheriou revealed that his FlickType app had been targeted by competing software he says either didn’t work well or didn’t work at all, and yet nonetheless chipped away at this sales and App Store rankings through false advertising and the purchase of fake reviews.


In the complaint, Eleftheriou goes further into detail about what he claims is wrongful behavior from Apple, including alleged false advertising, breach of its developer agreement, and fraud. One notable claim involves Apple trying to acquire FlickType, after which Eleftheriou says he faced “roadblock after roadblock” to selling his software on the App Store. The complaint suggests Apple chose not to take action on scam and copycat apps in an effort to force Eleftheriou to sell his app to Apple.


Eleftheriou says he was approached by Marsden, who expressed interest in having Apple acquire his software to improve typing on the Apple Watch. Yet, the negotiations went quiet, and afterward, Eleftheriou claims Apple removed his FlickType keyboard app and refused to approve future versions as well as a note-taking variant, on what he thinks are suspicious grounds. […] Meanwhile, many other wearable and mobile keyboard apps Eleftheriou characterizes as scams were also approved and allowed on the App Store.


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André Villar

It fells like he has a very strong argument.

Apple neglect of the Apple Store has been very well documented on the media. It's very clear that the neglect had a very material effect on his sales.

But I have no idea if a court would consider neglect as something to held apple liable to.

Search on App Store is still crap after all these years. We gave them benefits of doubt in its early days. And then it turns out Apple didn't give a damn. ( But they continue to claim otherwise ).

It is unfortunate App Store has turned into this state.

@Ed: “It is unfortunate App Store has turned into this state.”

It is; but that’s Apple’s choice.

The pram is theirs. We’re all just guests in it. The most we can hope is to dodge quickly enough that when they start throwing their toys around, we don’t get brained by it.

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