Tuesday, March 16, 2021

DMCA Takedown for Old Acrobat Tweet

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicch (Hacker News):

Adobe wants Twitter to take down a tweet from five years ago that links to a site that allows visitors to download a 27-year-old version of the company’s PDF reader.

On March 6, a company that works on behalf of Adobe sent takedown requests for three tweets and several short URLs. One of the people who received the DMCA takedown request, well-known security researcher Mikko Hypponen, revealed that Adobe wanted a tweet of his that linked to the MS-DOS version of Acrobat Reader taken down. The news was first reported by TorrentFreak.

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Turns out there was an MS-DOS version of Acrobat Reader at the time (the Windows-aping UI might be GEM-based?).

The funny thing is, its UI makes a lot more sense to me than whatever Adobe Reader has been doing for the past decade or two. It's nice that it has various share, convert, etc. features, but they take up way too much visual space compared to the features that (IMO) should receive the obvious focus: viewing, zooming, navigating, etc.

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