Thursday, March 4, 2021

Reverse-Engineering Rosetta 2

Koh M. Nakagawa (via Hacker News):

I mentioned earlier that a proprietary ABI is used in AOT files. Specifically, the System V AMD64 ABI is used, with the x86_64 registers converted to arm64 registers according to the following table.


The Rosetta 2 runtime is the binary that initializes the emulation process, maps the AOT file onto the memory, and performs JIT translation. When an x86_64 emulation process starts, runtime is mapped onto the memory, and the program counter is set to the entry point of runtime.

One interesting point is that runtime is not a dynamic link library. This is in contrast to the x86 emulation engine xtajit.dll in Windows 10 on Arm.


The logic for JIT translation is also needed is to support the execution of x86_64 applications that generate x86_64 code at runtime (e.g., JavaScript engine uses a JIT compiler).

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