Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Apple Removes Apps for Pakistani Government

Megha Rajagopalan (Hacker News):

Over the last two years, the government of Pakistan has forced Google and Apple to take down apps in the country created by developers based in other nations who are part of a repressed religious minority.

The move is part of a crackdown led by the country’s telecommunications regulator targeting the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Adherents, called Ahmadis, number about 4 million in Pakistan. Though Ahmadis identify as Muslim, Pakistan’s government views them as heretics, and a 1984 ordinance forbids them from “posing” as Muslims, adopting Islamic religious practices, and referring to their houses of worship as mosques. Pakistan is the only country to declare that Ahmadis are not Muslim.


At issue are seven religious apps created by the Ahmadi community in the United States, published under the name “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.”


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Tim Cook (with a little help from the ADL) decided that he was going to enforce a "secular sharia" of "driving 'hate speech' from Apple's platforms." I hope that plastic trophy for "courage" *COUGH COUGH COUGH* was worth it.

End result is nobody gets to cry when a country like Pakistan gets to enforce *their* sharia worldwide because this is precisely the job that Tim Cook took-- that no one in their right mind would take. Bending over for the PRC is just as easy for someone with so much "courage" as well.

Ahmadis? You don't get an app.

Uighyrs? You don't get an app either.

US "conservatives?" Hey, where did Gab go? (n/m Parler that's another topic)

Apple must now cater to all sharia demands, secular or otherwise, as there will be no more "mean thoughts" or fun allowed in Appletopia.

1: When you find comparing the "plight" of "conservatives" with that of Uyghurs in China, it's time to reconsider how reasonable your position is.

2: There's no problem at all with being a conservative. Conservatives are great, everybody loves conservatives. There is, however, a problem with being, say, a racist. Which isn't the same as being a conservative. What you're asking for isn't for "conservatives" to be left alone, but for extremists to be able to harm others, and inflict their extremist views on others, without any consequences for themselves. The "sharia demands" are coming from inside the house. Your house, that is. You're not the Uyghurs, you're trying to be China.

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